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Thank you bunches for any level of support!
It enables me to share and declare The Gospel more consistently and increasingly, online and in person.
Note: HolySmorgasBlog, bite-Sized Bible Studies, The Body at Large are not 501c3s.

Current Projects

  1. THE BODY AT LARGE. A 3-round interview setting with various and diverse People who are powerfully influencing others. They are people and groups helping, building, rebuilding and creating for, and bearing great fruit in, The Body of Christ.
  2. BITE-SIZED BIBLE STUDIES. (Mostly) short, to-the-point teachings on topics sometimes challenging to discuss for the “meat-eaters”, along with a few Bible-basics for the newbies and “milk drinkers”.
  3. FORGIVENESS & REPEAT OFFENDERS. A book I’ve been writing on the epidemic of offense and how it infects our perspective, behavior, and relationship with God and people.
  4. OVER 300 ADDITIONAL PROJECTS ON THE PRODUCTION SCHEDULE: (Not kidding). Creative + technical projects in queue that glorify and direct attention to Jesus and our need for Him.

Plans to do projects in California, DMV areas, Dallas, and Minnesota.

Overall funding, small, non-union crews and talent, locations, and equipment always needed.